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NuVo Multiroom - v 8.0.0

Extra Vegetables have drivers to enable you to integrate a NuVo Essentia, Concerto, Grand Concerto, Simplese and Renovia (use the Grand Concerto driver) multi-room system with Control4.

NuVo make a range of well respected, cool running multi-room audio systems. These systems include a number of keypads and small touch screens. As well as multi room systems NuVo also produce intelligent source equipment such as an iPod dock and MPS4-E music server/aggregator. The NuVo Multi room driver enables you to add Control4 to an existing NuVo installation. You can retain the existing NuVo keypads and button pads. Your customer can select their entertainment either from the NuVo or Control4 interfaces. It also allows you to specify the NuVo multi room amplifiers in new systems.

A NuVoNet driver is also available which then adds the ability to choose media from NuvoNet devices like the iPod dock on the Control4 interfaces.  Drivers are available for the NuVo tuner and NuVo MPS4-E too.

Product bundles enable you to save money when you buy more than one driver.

The following bundles are available:

NuVo Bundle 1
Multiroom + NuVoNet  Click here

NuVo Bundle 2
Multiroom + Tuner  Click here

NuVo Bundle 3
Multiroom + NuVoNet + Tuner  Click here

NuVo Bundle 4
Multiroom + MPS4-E  Click here

NuVo Bundle 5
Multiroom + NuVoNet + MPS4-E  Click here

NuVo Bundle 6
Multiroom + Tuner + MPS4-E  Click here


NuVo Bundle 7
Multiroom + Tuner + NuVoNet + MPS4-E  Click here

NuVo hardware distribution in the UK is via Habitech

Supported manufacturer models

Grand Concerto
Essentia D
Renovia (use the Grand Concerto driver)

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

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NuVo Wireless Player

Control4 Processor Requirements



No Control4 Navigator on NuVo Keypads
Our driver allows NuVoNet device information to be displayed on the Control4 interfaces. However it does not allow information from Control4 devices to be displayed on the NuVo keypads. For example it is not possible to select Control4 'Digital Music' or music from a Control4 iPod dock on the NuVo keypads. 

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 driver for the NuVo Essentia and Grand Concerto Multi-room Amplifier/Controller implements the following features:

Reliable two-way serial control direct to NuVo Technologies multi-channel amp.
The NuVo multi-room controllers have a serial port that can be used to control the unit using this driver. This enables reliable communication between the two systems. Works with the Concerto, Grand Concerto, Essentia, Essentia D and Simplese D.

No programming of NuVo system required.
All programming and 'intelligence' is on the Control4 system. If you are adding Control4 to an existing NuVo installation simply move the IR bugs from the NuVo system to Control4 (you don't have to remove the program). You then program the Control4 system in the usual way. DO NOT try and mix the programming between the two systems.

Retain or use any existing NuVo keypad or controller.
NuVo have an attractive range of Decora and UK style control panels as well as a simple touch screen. You can continue to use these when Control4 is added to the system. The basic Play/Pause and Skip buttons on these keypads will now communicate directly with the Control4 system. It's just a simple configuration on the driver. In a new installation you can specify NuVo keypads for minor rooms if required.

NuVo Multi-room amp is transparent to customer.
Your customer will see no difference between using a NuVo multi-room amplifier from a Control4 one. They have discreet volume control and instant feedback.

Use NuVo iPod dock with Control4.
With add on NuVoNet driver NuVo produce a range of iPod docks including a table mount, wall mount and wireless versions. With the add on NuVoNet driver you can now incorporate these into a Control4 system. This allows your customer to select music either from the NuVo keypads or from the Control4 interfaces - including the iPhone/iPad app.

Use NuVo MPS4 media server with Control4 
With add on NuVoNet driver The NuVo MPS4 is a four channel music server with access to online music services such as Pandora, Radiotime Internet Radio, and Sirius & XM Internet Radio. It can stream from its internal hard drive or from a computer share. It provides four independent stereo outputs. Our driver allows your customer to select music from any of these services either using the NuVo Keypads or from the Control4 interfaces - including the iPhone/iPad app.


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or NuVo Technologies. The UK distributor of NuVo has supported its development but all support is provided by Extra Vegetables through its authorized dealer network.

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  • Reliable serial control direct to NuVo multi room controllers. 
  • No programming of NuVo system required - all programming and source control by Control4. 
  • Retain or use any existing NuVo keypad or controller. 
  • NuVo Multi room amp is transparent to customer. 
  • Use NuVo iPod dock with Control4 - requires NuVoNet driver 
  • Use NuVo MPS4 media server with Control4 - requires NuVoNet driver