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Sonos - v 7.3.3

This driver enables Sonos to be fully integrated with Control4.  You can use unamplified Sonos players as music sources into an audio matrix, amplified Sonos players(such as Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5) as the Audio Endpoints in rooms or a combination of the two. The Sonos PlayBar is also supported.  Knowledgebase article is here

The driver is compatible with both the current Sonos OS and the upcoming Sonos 5.0 OS release which is currently in public beta.

The user has access to their music library, Tune-In radio, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody/Napster and some other music services on all the Control4 UIs.

Zoning and Party Modes are supported on both systems.  So you can use the either the Control4 UI or the Sonos app to join rooms together in party mode. 

One of the real keys to the driver is that it enables the customer to still use the Sonos iOS and Android apps which include features such as searching that are not currently available through the Control4 UI.

The driver also auto-populates the Radio Stations on the Control4 interfaces for many services.  For Pandora when a customer adds a new Pandora station to their account the driver will automatically create that Radio Station on the Control4 UI.  The driver can also automatically create Radio Stations for all the customers Sonos Favorite Radio Stations and create a list of all the available SiriusXM stations on the Control4 UIs.

Sonos have recently introduced Sonos Favorites.  It's a way of saving your favorite radio stations, albums, channels all in one place regardless of which service they are from.  The driver supports this functionality and is also able to import these favorites into the Control4 Radio Stations list if required.  This enables the customer to play content from the music services that are not currently directly supported to browse via the driver.  If the customer adds content from any service via the Sonos App then it will automatically become listed and available via Control4.

The Radio Station creation function requires Control4 OS 2.2 or higher.

The driver can be combined with the Pandonos 4Store app. This provides a full graphical interface to Pandora allowing you to search and add new stations. This is a free add-on from the Control4 4Store. Find more details on Pandonos here

Like all our drivers the license is sold per installation. If you have 1 Sonos ZonePlayer or 32 ZonePlayers in the installation you just need one license key.

To enable the Sonos Favorites feature with Sonos OS 4.0 you must use version 7.0.6 or higher of this driver.

Qualifies under our One to Show One to Go offer. Buy your first driver, get your second free.

Supported manufacturer models

Sonos Connect, Connect:Amp, Play:3, Play:5, PlayBar

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.2 and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


There are currently the following limitations with the driver:

•Turning on a zone from a Sonos controller 
If you want Control4 to recognize when a Sonos controller or Sonos iOS app has switched on a zone you must use an HC800 (or HC1000 or HC250). Only these processors have the required processing power to continually monitor this. If you use an HC800, HC250 or 1000 this feature is enabled automatically in the driver.

•Searching for music 
There is no ability to search for music using the driver. Direct 'jump to letter' is enabled on the Control4 native touch panels. Searching and adding Pandora stations is available with the Pandonos add-on 4Store app.

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 Sonos driver implements the following features:

• No IR bugs, driver is IP Ethernet based.
All control of the Sonos players is IP Ethernet based. There are no additional cables to be run and definitely no IR bugs to fall off.

• Displays all music content on Control4 touch screens, remotes and on-screen navigator.
All music library information is now available within Control4. All this information is displayed on the Control4 navigator screens, touch screens as well as the remote controls. Listings are in the same order as on Sonos controllers - if your customer is used to Sonos they will immediately be at home with the Control4 implementation. •Cover Art on Now Playing Screen When music starts playing the driver quickly retrieves the cover art from the Sonos and displays this on the Now Playing mini-app and Now Playing screen. This requires the system to be running Control4 2.x and only on Flash enabled interfaces.

• Retrieves all listings from the Sonos system in real time.
There's no additional synchronization required. As soon as a music track becomes available to the Sonos system it will be listed on the Control4 interfaces. We also provide a button on the interfaces that allows your customer to have the Sonos system re scan its music library.

• One remote
Previously if you integrated a Sonos system your customer would always need two remotes. One for the Sonos and one for everything else. Now everything can be controlled from the Control4 remote. You can also continue to use the Sonos controllers in most instances.

• No 'double volume' control problems
When you had more than one remote there was always the problem that the volume could be controlled on the cinema receiver or on the Sonos. Now with the Control4 driver it is possible to eliminate these problems - they simply use the Control4 remote for everything. It's so much simpler for the customer.

• Access to Sonos Favorite Internet Radio stations.
Sonos has access to a huge variety of high quality internet radio stations. These include official commercial stations from most countries in the world. Any radio station you set as a favorite in the Sonos desktop software can be selected as a favorite radio station in Control4. Automatic programming is now possible.

• Supports the Sonos WD100 Wireless iPod Dock.
Our driver supports the Sonos iPod dock. This allows you to add an iPod dock anywhere in your customer's home where there is a power outlet. The integration makes the iPod available on any Sonos ZonePlayer. So regardless if you've designed a system with amplified ZonePlayers in each room or UnAmplified ZonePlayers in the rack the iPod integration works. Any iPod dock can be selected from any player.

• Access to music streaming services.
Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Napster, iheartradio, Last.FM, Wolfgang's Vault and Sirius internet radio are all supported. Your customer will need an account for these services which will need to be set up both using the Sonos desktop software and in Composer.

• Access to Line In input on the Sonos unit on any Sonos zone - with control!
Each Sonos unit has a line input which is digitized and can be played on any other Sonos Zone Player in your system. This is fully recognized within Control4 and if you can run an IR cable to the source connected to the line input you can control it too.

• Navigate on All Control4 interfaces including iPad

You can use the on-screen navigator, remote control, touch panels and iPad application to navigate the music and streaming services. Cover art is shown on the on-screen navigator and Control4 touch panels and now on the latest version of the Control4 iPad app (in the small Now Playing bar).


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Sonos. Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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Auto Radio Synchronization


Setting up Sonos and Control4 using ZP90s and a multichannel amp


Setting up Sonos and Control4 using ZP120s, Play:3s and/or Play:5s in the rooms


Joing Sonos amplified Zones using the Control4 Zones Page


Setting a Sonos Favorite Radio Station as a Control4 Radio Station under Media


Setting a Pandora Station as a Control4 Radio Station under Media


Pandonos - Additional 4Store App to provide complete Pandora control


Choosing a specific Sonos player using media favorites


Sirius Internet Radio


Pandora Radio - through standard interface


Sonos iPod Docks



  • No IR bugs, driver is IP Ethernet based. 
  • Displays all music content on Control4 touch screens, remotes and on-screen navigator. 
  • Can be used with all Sonos zone players past and present. 
  • Retrieves all listings from the Sonos system in real time. 
  • Only one remote required.
  • Join Sonos Zones via the Control4 Zones page.
  • No 'double volume' control problems. 
  • Access to Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, iheartradio, Sirius internet radio, Wolfgang's Vault and Last.FM music streaming services
  • Sonos Favorites, Internet Radio Stations, Pandora Stations and SiriusXM are automatically synchronised into Control4's 'Radio Stations'.
  • Access to Line In input on the Sonos unit on any Sonos zone - with control!