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Extra Vegetables joins Control4


On 10th September 2014 Extra Vegetables became part of Control4.  The Extra Vegetables Store is now closed. As part of the transition process, the Extra Vegetables store will be closing on 31st December 2014.

After that date Control4 dealers will still be able to log into the site to view and manage their licenses.   Dealers no longer need to download Extra Vegetables drivers from the Extra Vegetables site.  All Extra Vegetables drivers are available in Composer 2.6. 

It will no longer be possible to purchase licenses for ADI, BrightSky, Chowmain, Cinegration, Domosapiens and Synapse drivers via the Extra Vegetables site after the 31st December 2014.

Licenses for these drivers can be purchased from the following sites:

Chowmain Ltd, Cinegration, Domosapiens, Synapse -


Enhancing the Control4 interoperability strategy.

Extra Vegetables, best known for developing integration drivers for Control4 smart home systems, will be fully integrated into Control4 with the charter of strengthening the company's interoperability development efforts for the connected home.

The new driver development team will be providing seamless integration with the products customers and dealers care about, better and faster than ever.

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