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amBX amBIENT XC - v 8.0.0

amBX finally makes sense of color changing lighting in a room. It is so simple to set up and the effects will blow your mind. Initially develop by Philips, a much simplified version is used in their Ambilight TVs. But this isn't a couple of lights behind a TV - this is a whole room experience. It creates a completely immersive experience throughout the room using any DMX controllable RGB LED lighting fixtures.

The controller has inputs for both audio and video which can be used to influence any of the moods selectable on the device. A number of standard moods are included which are simply click and play. Or you can design your own effects using the supplied software. The whole mood of the room can change in an instant from relaxing to nightclub.

When combined with video material the effect is amazing - and as for gaming you've never seen explosions like it! Our driver and app allow your customer to choose any of the effects you have preset in the unit replicating the front panel interface on the amBIENT XC. You can enquire on worldwide availability and pricing for the amBIENT XC by contacting amBX direct. If you have a customer who likes to party they will have to have an amBIENT XC! 

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.2 and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC800 HC1000 HC250 can be used on smaller systems. Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


Not all graphics and colors are included 
We have not implemented every graphic and color combination available on the control panel - there wasn't room. This has no impact on the number and styles of the moods of the lighting in the room.

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 drivers and app for the amBX amBIENT XC lighting controller provides the following integration:

Provide amazing synchronized lighting in an entire room.
Using any RGB DMX controllable LED lighting fixtures you can create amazing effects throughout the room. You will need at least twenty (preferably fifty) circuits for the best effects. In the configuration software you simple define which circuit is roughly where in the room. The amBIENT XC then does the rest! We couldn't believe how simple it is to set up.

Lighting can automatically interact with video and audio sources.
Some moods can be set to simply produce colored arrangements from various palettes or to produce particular effects. But for full effect simply connect a composite video and/or stereo audio source. Now the whole ambience of the room will either react to the audio, video or some combination of both. No programming just connect and go. The effects look a million dollars (but you don't need that kind of cash)

Many pre-defined lighting moods - or create your own.
There are many pre-defined lighting moods built in. The standard ones provide interaction with audio and video material. If you or your customer want to take this further then you can create your own. For larger commercial installations you can call upon amBX's expertise.

Very simple installation using DMX RGB LED fixtures.
The amBIENT XC is a sophisticated DMX controller and all the fixtures need to be DMX controllable. DMX is a really simple system - all you have to do is set some DIP switches on the fittings - there's no programming.

Driver and 4Store app for manual and automatic integration with Control4.
The 4Store app allows you to replicate the front panel of the amBIENT XC. This allows your customer to manually select a mood from any flash enabled Control4 interface. You can also select any of the twelve moods stored on the unit via programming. So you can select a music mood if a music source is selected, or a TV or Movie mode lighting when a video source is selected.


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or amBX. We are grateful for the assistance of amBX in the development of this driver.

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  • Provide amazing synchronized lighting in an entire room. 
  • Lighting can automatically interact with video and audio sources. 
  • Many pre-defined lighting moods - or create your own. 
  • Very simple installation using any DMX LED fixtures. 
  • Driver and 4Store app for manual and automatic integration with Control4.