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Aviosys IP Power - v 8.0.0



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Aviosys have a range of IP power switches that allow you to remotely control the power of AV and other equipment at your customer's sites. The switches have the following features and benefits:

•Remotely Reboot Equipment
Using Control4's Remote Director feature in Composer you can connect to your customer's site and switch equipment off and on. All devices appear as relays in Composer.

•Automatically Monitor Equipment.
The 9258S and 9258DS have built in ping facility. This allows them to monitor any IP ethernet device on the network. If the switch does not get a reply from the device it will automatically reboot it. Use it for your router to ensure that it is always connected to the Internet.

•Save Heat and Power
Having automatic switching abilities means you can offer your customer more agressive power management. Switch off power hungry devices when they are not required. It saves your customer money, cuts down the heat in the rack and improves reliability.

•UPS Integration
When combined with our APC UPS driver IP power switches enable you to provide a controlled shutdown sequence for the system. In the event of switching to battery power the IP power switch can start to shutdown the most power hungry equipment in the system - keeping the controller alive for longer.

•Auto Schedule Reboots.
We all know that Sky boxes are less likely to crash if you reboot them regularly. So using Control4 you can schedule a regular reboot, first checking that the receiver is not in use.

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• Remotely Reboot Equipment.

• Automatically Monitor Equipment.

• Save heat and power - a green initiative.

• Save Time and Money.

• Auto schedule reboots.