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Channel Vision P-3036 - v 8.0.0

Extra Vegetables's driver for the Channel Vision Technology provides full integration between the Channel Vision P-3036 on-wall iPod dock and Control4.  Extra Vegetables have worked closely with Channel Vision as they have developed this dock to ensure it meets the requirements of Control4.

This has meant that the dock is really simple to install as part of a Control4 installation.  Your customers will be able to fully browse the content on the docked iPod.  The driver also retrieves the cover art from the song playing.

The dock installs in-wall in a US standard double wall box and requires just ONE Cat5 cable to be run between the dock and the receiver.  This carries the power to the dock, the audio and the control signals.  If you want video from the iPod you will need to run an additional coaxial cable.  It's a real alternative iPod docking solution at a competitive price. 

Recommended distances are 115ft (35m) with using a single Cat5 or 200ft (60m) if using 2 Cat5s for iPods.  If the system is to support iPod Touches or iPhones then this is reduced to 80ft (24m) using a single Cat5 and 120ft (36m) if using 2 Cat5s.

In Europe you can purchase the dock from Aldous Systems.  In the US and other territories please purchase the P-3036 from your usual Channel Vision Technology supplier.

For more detail on the P-3036 iPod Dock click here

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Supported manufacturer models

Channel Vision P-3036

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


iPod Speed
As with any dock the retrieval of cover art can take several seconds. During this time it is not possible to control the iPod.  The option to disable the cover art retrieval is provided within the driver.  This is also supported on the Control4 UIs.

 Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 driver for the Channel Vision Technology P-3036 on-wall iPod dock implements the following features:

Allows selection of music on a docked iPod. 
All music content on a docked iPod can be listed on the Control4 interfaces.  This includes listing by Album, Artist, Genre and Play list.

Serial two-way communication with the Control4 system
The P-3036 is a two-way serial device.  You will ned to connect the audio receiver until to the Control4 system with a serial cable.  You will also need to connect the audio outputs to your amplifier.

Cover Art on Now Playing Screen
When music starts playing the driver retrieves the cover art from the iPod and displays this on the Now Playing mini-app and Now Playing screen.  Retrieval starts ten seconds after a track starts playing and can take 10-20 seconds depending on the iPod docked.

Single cable installation.
If you don't require composite video from the iPod the installation requires just one Cat5 cable to be run between the on-wall dock and the receiver unit.

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Demonstration at Cedia 2010



  • Allows selection of all music content on a docked iPod.
  • Serial two way control with Control4 system.
  • Cover Art displayed on 'Now Playing' screens
  • Single cable installation.
  • Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x