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CoolMaster/CooLink - v 8.0.2

Extra Vegetables' Control4 driver for the CoolMaster and CooLink Air Conditioning bridges enables you to integrate many popular air conditioning systems with Control4.

The systems supported by the CoolMaster bridge are Daikin VRV AC systems, Sanyo VRF AC Systems, Toshiba VRF AC Systems, Mitsubishi VRF AC Systems, Fujitsu VRF AC Systems and Hitachi VRF AC Systems.  The CooLink bridge is designed for single-split or multi-split systems from the same manufacturers.

Cool Automation provide separate bridges for each of the air conditioning systems. However our single driver can control any of the above systems due to the unified interface.

Extra Vegetables DO NOT supply the CoolMaster or CooLink interface, you should purchase separately. You should also carefully read the details of the appropriate CoolMaster/CooLink product on the Cool Automation website to ensure all the features you require are supported by the bridge.

The integration with Control4 allows us to provide the standard Control4 Heating and Cooling functions. Please see the Details page for any limitations you need to be aware of. The CoolMaster/CooLink bridge and the Extra Vegetables driver makes air conditioning integration with Control4 quick and simple.

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If you have both Heatmiser underfloor heating and an HVAC system then you should consider adding the Thermostat Controller driver.  This will control both systems and stop them from fighting one another.

Supported manufacturer models

All CoolMaster/CooLink bridges.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.2 and above ONLY

Related products
Thermostat Controller

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


Fan Speeds 
Currently these are accessible in programming.

The Control4 interface does not provide a swing setting. This can be set within custom programming.

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 driver for the Heatmiser system implements the following features:

Single driver for all CoolMaster/CooLink supported Air Conditioning Systems.
Cool Automation make specific bridges for each of the supported air conditioning systems. Our driver is designed to work with all of them. It's the same driver and the same price for each one.

Works with all CoolMaster/CooLink bridges.
Our driver works with the Daikin, Sanyo, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Hitachi CoolMaster/CooLink bridges.

Air Con can be commissioned and working before the Control4 system is installed.
The HVAC contractors can completely commission the HVAC system before the Control4 system is installed. This allows the system to be tested and proved working before integration. Once the HVAC system is complete it's a simple task to install the CoolMaster/CooLink bridge and connect it to Control4.

Control temperature set point from Control4 interfaces.
The temperature set point can be set either on the HVAC system or on the Control4 interfaces. Any changes made are automatically communicated between the two systems.

Scheduling control now avialable.
Scheduling of the heating and cooling set points is now fully supported.

Allows web control of heating via 4Sight.
With the Control4 integration in place your customer can control their cooling and heating set points via 4Sight. There's no need for them to use a separate interface for the heating control and no additional HVAC equipment is required to enable remote control of the heating.


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or CoolMaster. CoolMaster have supported the driver development but all support is provided by Extra Vegetables through its authorized dealer network.   

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  • Single driver for all CoolMaster/CooLink supported Air Conditioning Systems. 
  • Works with all CoolMaster/CooLink bridges. 
  • Wired thermostats available in different finishes. 
  • Air con can be commissioned and working before Control4 system is installed. 
  • Control temperature set point from Control4 interfaces. 
  • Scheduling from Control4 now available. 
  • Enables web control of heating via 4Sight - No additional equipment required controller required.