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DMX - v 8.0.0

We believe that DMX is probably lighting control's best kept secret amongst custom installers. Whilst you may be familiar with using DMX for some LED and color changing applications there's no reason why you shouldn't use it for all your lighting control. In fact there are some very good reasons why you should!

We've produced a guide to designing and implementing a complete DMX lighting system in a property. This can be downloaded from the Downloads Tab. We think you'll be amazed how much you can achieve for minimal expense.

A major new feature of the driver is direct support for color changing RGB led fittings. These are combined into a single driver with a master brightness channel for ease of use. There are also FIVE built in color changing programs in the driver. It has never been so easy to add color changing lighting to your projects.

Extra Vegetables' Control4 driver for DMX Lighting works in conjunction with the Enttec ODE (Open DMX Ethernet) interface. It then allows you to control the levels on any of the 512 channels in a single DMX universe from within Control4. This provides the same features and customer experience as Control4's native lighting control. You can change dim channels up and down and within dealer programming you can set a DMX channel to a specific level.

DMX control is regularly used for the dimming of LED lighting and other special effect theatrical lighting. By using DMX controlled fittings you can provide an extremely cost effective lighting control system for your customers.

Driver contains both Control4 Light V1 and Light V2 style drivers.  The latter are compatible with Advanced Lighting Scenes and Light Group drivers.

PLEASE NOTE: The Enttec ODE is not supplied with the driver - it can be purchased for worldwide delivery here.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements



One Way Driver 
The DMX specification only allows a single controller on a DMX network. This will be the Enttec device you install. The DMX lighting can therefore only be controlled from within Control4 which will maintain its own internal feedback of the lighting levels. In other words this isn't a problem!

Percentages not Levels 
Control4 sets lighting levels from 0-100% whereas there are 255 available levels on the DMX system. Should you need to set an exact DMX level you can do this via dealer programming.

Faux Master and Scenes 
If you use the Faux Master channel in scenes alongside the other colors the final levels will not exactly match those defined in the scene. This is because the caculations to provide the master channel may not be exactly in sync with the other color changes.

Further information

Extra Vegetables Control4 ArtNet DMX lighting system implements the following features:

Reliable IP Control through the Enttec ODE or ODE with PoE.
Communication between Control4 and the DMX lighting system is via IP Ethernet connection. This provides a fast and reliable communications You can optionally use the Power over Ethernet (PoE) version of the ODE which will save a transformer if you are powering Control4 touch panels via PoE.

Support for both Dimmable and Switched Lighting as well as Motorization Relays.
Separate drivers are provided for dimmable and switched lighting circuits. We also provide a driver for motorization devices through a relay. This is especially useful for theatrical and 'disco' lighting effects. The ability to set the On and Off DMX levels together with a DMX direct set command ensures the widest possible group of sophisticated fittings are supported.

Special drivers for RGB fittings.
We have provided direct support for RGB color changing lights. These are loaded into the project as a single driver but provide faders for the individual colors AND the overall brightness of the fitting. There are drivers for both three channel RGB only fittings and those which use a fourth DMX channel for the brightness.

Automatic color changing programs built in.
Customers usually request some form of automatic color changing for their RGB lights. Until now that was difficult and very resource intensive. We've now built FIVE automatic color changing programs into the drivers. Choose from 'Relatively Random, 'Bathe in Blue', 'Graceful Greens', 'Raging Reds' and 'Purple Parade'. These provide subtle and not so subtle lighting effects. Simply choose the required effect in custom programming and the driver does the rest with minimum processor usage.

More efficient.
One of the main driving factors behind this new version of the driver was to reduce Control4 processor use. We've made big achievements in this area. Our driver is now suitable for a whole house (or bar) lighting control system. We still recommend an HC1000 for multiple rooms.

Can create very cost effective lighting control system.
The Enttec and driver combination is very cost effective and that is ALL that is required to potentially control up to 512 lighting circuits. The rest of the cost is in the DMX fittings themselves. This may be in a different part of the project's budget so you can offer a lighting system for the fraction of the cost of any competitor.


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Enttec. The driver uses the open ArtNet protocol. Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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  • Reliable IP Control through the Enttec ODE or ODE with PoE. 
  • Support for Dimmable and Switched lighting and Motorization Relays. 
  • Special drivers for RGB light fittings. 
  • Automatic color changing programs built in - no additional programming. 
  • More efficient - less Control4 resources used. 
  • Can set DMX channel to an exact level using Control4 dealer programming. 
  • Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x