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Linn DS Driver - v 8.0.0

Extra Vegetables are pleased to present the official integration between the Linn DS high performance digital stream players and Control4.

Music from any UPnP compatible media server can be selected via the Control4 user interface and played back through the Linn DS player.

There is also support for Internet radio stations, including Linn’s very own radio stations - the highest quality music stream available, a must for all music lovers. The driver enables full control of a Linn DS player from a Control4 touch-screen, remote or on-screen display or via the Control4 iPod/iPad app.

The driver supports the Linn 'Songcast' feature.  This allows you to start a stream of music playing on one player and then 'cast' this to other Linn DS players in the home.  This is accessible through the standard Control4 Zones page.

There is also support for the DSM models (inlcuding the Exakt) which feature HDMI switching and passthrough.  These innovative designs allow the Linn DSM to act as the amplification for the front left and right speakers in both stereo and surround modes.  The DSM also acts as the volume control device.

The driver has been fully tested by Linn. It is however an independent release fully supported by ourselves. For more details on the full Linn product range please visit the Linn Website.

The driver is now updated to support Davaar on Control OS2.x.

Qualifies under our One to Show One to Go offer. Buy your first driver, get your second free.


Supported manufacturer models

Supports ALL DS Players from Sneaky to Klimax.
Linn have a full range of Digital Stream players from the entry level Sneaky to the unsurpassed quality of the Klimax. These neatly match the other components of the Linn line up. Of particular interest to custom installers is the Sekrit DS-I. This includes 2x70w amplification, a local line input and has been designed to live in a ceiling void. Attractively priced this is an ideal way to introduce Linn into a multiroom environment.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


Linn Kinsky Desktop Plugins 
These are not currently supported.

No Cover Art whilst browsing 
Cover art is not displayed whilst browsing for music; only on the Now Playing screen

Davaar ONLY
The driver is now updated for Davaar only on Control4 OS 2.x. 

Further Information

Choice of UPnP Server support including Asset and Twonky.
The Linn DS works in conjunction with a UPnP music server. The driver has been fully tested with Asset and Twonky - two of the most popular an Linn recommended servers. Full details on how the Linn DS system works van be found in the installation manual.

Access to Line Inputs.
The Sekrit DS-I has digital and analog inputs which can be selected using the driver. The Majik DS-I has no less than eleven inputs which can be selected. This makes it the ideal center of an in-room system


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4.  Linn have supported the development of the driver but all support is provided by Extra Vegetables through its authorized dealer network.  

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  • No IR bugs, driver is IP Ethernet based.
  • Displays all music content on Control4 touch screens, remotes and on-screen navigator.
  • Cover Art displayed on 'Now Playing' screens
  • Retrieves all listings from the UPnP server in real time.
  • Choice of UPnP server support including Asset and Twonky.
  • Supports ALL DS Players from Sneaky to Klimax including DSM models.
  • Access to Internet radio including exclusive Linn high quality streams.
  • Access to Line In inputs on those DS players that include them.
  • Supports Linn Songcast
  • Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x ONLY.