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Nuvo Dual Tuners - v 8.0.0

Extra Vegetables' Control4 Nuvo tuner drivers provides two-way integration with these dual tuners.

The NVT2-DAB provides two DAB/FM radio outputs from a slim 1U package. The NV-T2FAM is a dual AM/FM tuner for worldwide use. The NV-T2SIR is a dual Sirius tuner for North American use.

These are the ONLY NuVo tuners supported directly by the driver. If you want to use the driver with a different NuVo tuner please contact us BEFORE you purchase. We will advise you what functionality (if any) there will be. Once set up the driver automatically produces an alphabetical list of all of the available Sirius or DAB stations on the Control4 touch panels and remote controls. Your customer can quickly choose from any of the stations available.

The AM/FM tuner enables you to scan the bands and select favorite radio stations using their frequencies. Very little set up is required on the tuner - no presets need to be defined on the tuner. It also provides RDS (FM) Sirius and and DLS (DAB) feedback onto the touch panels. This provides details of the current tuned station and text information as broadcast by the station. On the FM band the current frequency is also shown. This driver is stand alone - it does not require a NuVo multiroom system. However if you have a NuVo multi-room system this driver can be bundled with the multi-room driver to save money. More details here

NuVo hardware distribution in the UK is via Habitech.


Supported manufacturer models


Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


No DAB Categories 
The tuner does not provide feedback of the category or genre of the current DAB station. Therefore the Categories listing within Control4's XM proxy does not work.

XM letters on interfaces 
In some places on the DAB user interface the letters XM or the phrase XM tuner appear. This is hard coded into Control4 and we are unable to remove this.

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 Nuvo NV-T2FAM, NV-T2SIR & NV-T2DAB drivers implement the following features:

Reliable Serial Control.
Control is via the tuner's serial port. This means reliable communications between the Control4 system and the tuner and no annoying IR bugs to fall off.

Autoscan for stations within Composer. (NV-T2DAB)
You can scan in all the available DAB stations from a button in Composer. This makes set up quick and simple.

No need to set up presets on tuner itself.
Only minimal setup is required on the Nuvo tuner. Just set the region and perform and initial scan of stations. Since our driver can select stations directly you do not need to set up presets on the tuner itself .

Automatically display of all available Sirius or DAB stations on Control4 touch panels and remotes.
Key to our driver is the ability to select from any of the available DAB stations from the Control4 user interfaces. These are automatically retrieved from the tuner and displayed to your customer as an alphabetical list. They can select any available DAB station from any room in the home.

Simple dealer set up of DAB favorite stations.
You can set up your customers favorite stations with quick access logos using the Media section of Composer. The driver automatically allocated channel numbers to each available station.

FM favorite stations can be programmed by frequency.
FM stations can be set within the Media section simply by using their frequency. The tuner tunes directly to this frequency when the favorite is selected.

Station Name display on touch panels.
Full details of the station names are shown on all bands except AM.

Sirius, RDS and DLS information displayed on touch panels.
Sirius info, RDS radio text from FM and DLS information from DAB are displayed. This usually provides information to your customer about the current program or song.


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Nuvo. We recognize the support given to us by Nuvo and their UK distributor Habitech in the production of this driver. Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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  • Reliable Serial Control.
  • DAB Auto scan for stations within Composer (NV-T2DAB).
  • Sirius station listing on NV-T2SIR •No need to set up presets on tuner itself.
  • Automatic display of all available DAB stations on Control4 touch panels and remotes (NV-T2DAB).
  • Simple dealer set up of favorite DAB stations using the Media element of Composer (NV-T2DAB).
  • AM/FM favorite stations can be set up using their frequencies.
  • Station name display on touch panels.
  • RDS and DLS information displayed on touch panels.
  • Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x