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Seura Mirror TV - v 1.0.0

Extra Vegetables have drivers for the Séura range of mirror TVs.  Séura are the world leader in specialist mirror TVs. They have products for bathrooms and other locations where the screen needs to be a mirror first and a TV second. For living room environments they have products designed as TV first and mirror second.  Séura are all about choice and understand the custom installation business in residential, commercial and hospitality.  They are bound to have a product suitable for your client's needs. 

We are pleased to have worked with Séura to integrate their products into Control4.  We have both serial and IP drivers for the full range of Séura TVs. 
If you haven't considered Séura before we highly recommend you do.  The Séura website has a wealth of information on their stylish range. A US manufactured brand Séura TVs are available internationally through their distribution network.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.

Further information

Extra Vegetables have developed three drivers for the Séura range of mirror TVs.  This short document will help you decide which driver is best for your particular installation.

We have produced serial drivers for both the 10.3” and 19” screens and a universal IR driver.

As each Séura screen has been cleverly designed with both IR input jacks and Serial connections on the rear of the screen reliable control can be achieved with either driver.

Serial Drivers
Serial drivers generally provide the most reliable form of control over a product.  A serial driver allows the control system to know if a command has been received and acted upon by the TV screen.  We have two drivers for the Séura screens – the only difference between the two is the speed at which the communications take place between Control4 and the screen.  This is set by the screen and there are no other differences between the two drivers.  Just make sure you use the correct one for your screen – otherwise you won’t have any control.

The serial commands available on the screen allow us to discretely power the screen on and off.  We also have discrete input selection.

We recommend that the serial driver is used where your installation is NOT using the built in TV tuner or speaker system.  The reason for this is that the serial driver does NOT allow you to use the built in EPG or menu on the TV.  Also as there is no volume up and volume down commands available to us, we cannot provide the smoothest of volume controls.  We know in many applications the fact that the user is unable to access the menu features of the TV is actually an advantage – so you should consider the serial driver in these circumstances too.

The serial cable required is a 9 Pin Female to Female cable where pin 2 at one end is connected to pin 3 at the other end and vice versa.  This is the ‘standard’ arrangement for Female to Female cables.

IR Driver
We have also produced an IR driver which works with all the Séura TVs.  There is no need to attach an ugly IR bug to the front of the TV as the Séura screens all have ¼“ jacks for IR on the rear of the screen.  This makes IR control very reliable.

The IR driver provides discrete power commands and discrete input selection.  This means that it works very reliably with Control4.  The IR driver provides full control over the internal tuner in the TV.  It allows you to select channels, the EPG and other features such as closed captions.

If you are intending to use the internal TV tuner on the Séura then we would strongly suggest that you use the IR driver.

The IR driver is a standard Control4 driver which you can edit within Composer.  This allows you to delete commands (such as Menu) if you want to lock out some of the functions of the screen in a commercial environment.


This driver was commissioned by Seura.  Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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  • IR Driver provides full control of the Séura TV.  All Séura TVs have IR control jacks on connections panel of the screen. 
  • Serial driver provides reduced control set.  Ideal for Commercial or Hospitality applications or where internal TV tuner is not being used.
  • Free to use on any Control4 project.
  • Full instructions included and supported via our Helpdesk.