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Sky TV App - v 1.0

This is an Add on 4Store App for the Extra Vegetables Sky TV driver via the Dusky Control Sky Controller.

This App allows you to see what is showing on any of the Sky receivers you have in your property.  Great to make sure you don't interrupt someone else's viewing and useful to keep an eye on what the kid's are watching!

When a receiver is selected the App will show the current station with the added bonus of the channel icon if this is saved as one of your favourite channels.  

The App also provides some extra control buttons such as Replay and Skip Forward 30 seconds and 2.5 minutes which are great for skipping ads when viewing your recordings.

It's a great reason to use the new Control4 wireless touchpanel in your installation.

The App requires that you have the Extra Vegetables Dusky/Sky driver version 5.0.5 or higher installed on your system.  This is compatible with the Sky receivers avaialbe in the UK and Eire only.  In order to have channel program and information feedback you need to make a feedback serial connection from each Sky receiver to the Control4 system.

Because the App requires a driver it can only be downloaded directly from a Control4 interface.  Like all 4Store Apps this App will run on any flash enabled Control4 device such as the on-screen display or a native Control4 touch panel.  It DOES NOT run on the Control4 iOS or Android Apps.


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Demonstration of the Sky TV 4Store App



  • Shows what is showing on all Sky TV receivers in the property.
  • Never interrupt someone else's viewing.
  • Keep an eye on what channels the kids are watching.
  • Program information shown on the main control screen.
  • Logos automatically shown if channel is one of your Control4 media favorites.
  • Extra control buttons - useful for reviewing the goal or skipping the ads.