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Sky TV (UK Only) - v 8.0.0

Extra Vegetables' Control4 driver for Sky receivers enables you to control all the Sky receivers in a project via a single serial port.

This is made possible by the Dusky Control Sky Controller. These great devices connect to a serial port on a Control4 system and then inject the commands to the Sky receiver via the RF2 connector. No more IR bugs to fall off the outside and no taking the receivers apart to hide the bugs inside.

Dusky make controllers for 2, 5, 10 & 15 Sky receivers as standard - but will custom build larger controllers if you require.  There is also a new controller for the Sky receivers that do not have an RF2 port.

Our driver can provide you with more than just neat and reliable control. If you make a serial connection from each receiver to Control4 we can provide feedback and monitoring of the Sky receiver and it enables some exclusive features. This includes crash and lockup monitoring and AutoHD™

For full details on the Dusky Sky Controller click here

Additional 4Store App also available.  Provides touchpanel feedback of current programme information and enhanced control.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.

Other Requirements

Sky Receivers Supported Sky, Sky+, Sky+ HD
The latest Sky HD box - the HD one without the hard drive - does not have an RF2 output and so cannot be used with the Dusky controller. They are working on something for this.

Dusky Sky Controller 
You must install a Dusky Sky Controller for the driver to operate.


BBC1 Intelligence Switching to local programming relies on the Sky receiver passing the new programme name to Control4. 
This may be 40-60 seconds after the programme has started.

Mini Info Bar 
Currently we cannot display the program information on the 'Mini Info Bar' at the bottom of the touch panels. As soon as Control4 open up this for TV we will add this functionality.

Sky HD
Sky HD receivers as opposed to Sky+ HD receivers do not have an RF2 port.  For these boxes Dusky Control make a special adaptor.

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 IP Ethernet driver for Sky receivers via Dusky implements the following features:

Reliable Serial Control.
Whilst each Dusky controller can control 2, 5, 10 or 15 Sky receivers depending on the model only one serial connection is required from the Control4 system to the Dusky controller. The Dusky Controller converts the serial commands into signal that are fed into the RF2 outlet on the rear of the receivers. Nothing is visible to your customers - and there's nothing to fall off!

DVR Button Supported.
Pressing the DVR button on the Control4 remote will take you directly to the Sky Planner.

Colored Buttons Pre-Programmed
The colored buttons are pre-programmed with the correct Sky commands as are Page Up and Page Down.  You no longer have to remember to set this up in Composer.

Feedback and Monitoring.
To enable feedback and monitoring from the Sky receiver you need to make individual serial connections to each of the receivers as well. The serial ports on Sky receivers do not provide a control interface. We provide cost effective additional serial ports with our IP to Serial extenders.


Whilst Sky re-arranged their own HD channels into more logical positions they left BBC 1 HD, ITV 1 HD, Channel 4 HD and Five HD scattered around the programme guide. AutoHD™ solves this problem. If your customer watches the SD channel for more than 10 seconds it will automatically switch to the HD channel. You can set up 10 such channels with the driver.

BBC1 HD Intelligence
Annoyingly BBC 1 HD does not show local programming such as the local news. The driver can automatically spot when this happens and switch back to the SD channel during local programming. When the local programme is finished it will automatically return to the HD channel.

Programme Information Feedback
Our driver allows you to show the current channel and programme information on any Control4 touch panel (not iPad - sorry the iPad app doesn't support this)

Crash and Lockup Monitoring
The driver will check for the two most common problems with Sky receivers - not coming out of standby and locking up whilst switched on. These create events in Control4 which can be used to email yourself or better still power cycle the receiver with an IP power switch.

Previous Channel (Recall) button supported
We all wish Sky had enabled this feature on their remote. Since the button is on the Control4 remote we've enabled support for it. It will take you back and forth to the last channel you were watching.


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd. It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Sky. Dusky Control have enabled us to write the driver and we thank them for their support. However please contact Extra Vegetables for all support regarding the driver.

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Automating 3D mode on your TV using this driver



  • Reliable Serial Control - up to 15 Sky receivers from 1 serial port.
  • Feedback and monitoring if you make individual serial connections to the receivers too.
  • AutoHD™ - automatically changes to the High Definition channel.
  • BBC1 HD Intelligence -recognizes local programming and returns to the SD channel.
  • Program Information feedback on touch panels
  • Crash and Lockup Monitoring
  • Previous Channel (Recall) button support
  • DVR button support
  • Colored buttons already programmed