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Sony BD - v 8.0.0

This is a simple inexpensive driver that provides IP control of the 2011 and onwards Sony range of Blu-ray players.

As it's an IP driver there's no IR bug that can get dislodged and that's one less IR port you need to use on the back of the controller.

Like all our drivers the cost is per project not per Sony player. So if you have four Sony players in a project you only need one license.

We provide two drivers in the download which are identical except for the GUI elements.  One will show on the Control4 system as a DVD player the other as a media player.  Please note the driver does not control the dedicated Sony Media Player devices.

On Series 80 players the firmware was designed so that when the player turned off it switched off the network port.  This means that it is not possible to power on the player with this driver.

On Series BDP-S590, BDP-S790 players we are now able to turn the BD player on using a Wake on Lan (WOL) command that we have built into version 5.0.7 of the driver and higher.  However this DOES NOT WORK on the entry level BDP-S390, and DOES NOT WORK using the Wireless LAN connection.  The BDP-S5200 also works.

NOTE: Early releases of the S3100 and S5100 players could be turned on over IP.  However we now have reports that more recent releases of this model cannot be turned on over IP.  Please first check you actual player with the Sony iOS App having followed the instructions in our manual.  If it does not turn on with the iOS app then it will not turn on with the driver.

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Supported manufacturer models

Sony BDP-S590
Sony BDP-S790
Sony BDP-S1500

Early releases onSony BDP-Sx100 players BUT NOT entry level BDP-S1000 Yoo should check your player with the Sony iOS app to see if it will work with your actual device.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.


Driver DOES NOT work with wireless LAN
Players must use wired LAN connection 

One Way Driver Only
The driver does not allow any content browsing on the Control4 interfaces. Neither des it provide any Now Playing information.

No Power on with Series 80 players
The driver is not able to power on Series 80 players as they switch off their network ports in standby.  It can power on Series 70 and Series 90 players

Not a media player driver
The driver does not control the dedicated Sony Media Player, Google TV or PS/3


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd.  It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Sony.  Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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  • Reliable IP Ethernet Control. 
  • Saves IR bug trouble.