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Speakercraft MZC88 - v 8.0.2

Extra Vegetables' Control4 driver for the MZC-66 and MZC-88 multiroom amplifier/controllers allows these popular products to be used as the amplification heart of a Control4 system.  This allows dealers to upgrade existing Speakercraft MZC installations to the power of Control4 without needing to replace the existing keypads and central amplifier.  This represents a considerable cost saving to the customer.

The driver also allows dealers to use the MZC multiroom amplifier/controllers as their amplifier of choice.  It is aggressively priced and the availability of simple keypads with the system allow flexibility in the design of the system; whilst keeping costs under control.

In either case a standard program is uploaded to the MZC controller - central control passes to the Control4 system.

Also works with the Proficient M6 system.

To buy the Speakercraft MZC-66/64 driver please click here


Supported manufacturer models

Speakercraft MZC-88
Proficient M6 

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.x and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.

Other Requirements

RSA-1.0 and EZ-Tools
You will require the RSA-1.0 MZC serial interface and a copy of Speakercraft's EZ-Tools in order to deploy this driver. We do not supply these items.


No support of MODE iPod Dock or MODE Jukebox etc
The current version of the driver does not support feedback from the MODE iPod dock, MODE jukebox or other devices that the MODE keypads talk directly too.  You can still use these sources with the system but you will not be able to choose music via the Control4 interfaces.  Similarly if you use a Control4 iPod dock it is not possible to then choose music from the Speakercraft keypads

Tuner Functions
It is not possible to tune up in step by step increments on the tuners in the MZC-88.  However full search facilities are available.   Radio station favorites must be set as presets - this provides ten global presets per tuner and therefore on ten favorite stations can be presented to the customer on the 'stations' page.

The driver will recognise source changes from the Master Keypads without any additional work.  With the introduction of the HC250 and HC800 controllers it is now difficult to integrate the function or numeric keypads as the new Control4 controllers do not have an IR input.

Need to Define Keypads for each zone
Not really a limitation - just a heads up.  You need to make sure you define a Speakercraft Keypad for each zone in your EZ-Tools project.  You don't actually need any Speakercraft keypads in the system, but you need to define them in the EZ-Tools project to enable feedback to Control4.

Further information

The Extra Vegetables Control4 driver for the Speakercraft MZC-66 and MZC-88 Multiroom Amplifier/Controllers implements the following features:

Reliable two-way serial control via RSA 1.0 accessory.
The Speakercraft RSA-1.0 is used to control the MZC controller and to receive feedback from it.  This is not supplied but is available from your local Speakercraft distributor.  If you use Speakercraft accessory or MODE keypads you will also require an IR bug attached to the common IR out of the MZC and affixed to the front of a Control 4 controller.

Standard Program Upload to the MZC Controller.
The intelligence of the system is maintained within the Control4 system.  A standard program is uploaded to the MZC controller which needs little or no alteration between jobs.  Since the Control4 system tracks which source is selected IR codes emitted by keys on the Speakercraft keypads are generic Control4 codes; not those of the source equipment. Since these codes are the same regardless of the source the EZ-Tools punch through process makes developing this program quick and simple.

Can use Speakercraft Keypads or MODE keypads if required.
There is no requirement to use Speakercraft keypads with the project.  However if you are upgrading an existing Speakercraft installation you can continue to use them.  You may also choose to add these keypads into minor rooms in a new installation.  Please see the limitations section below regarding keypads.

Supports Dual Tuners on MZC-88
The MZC-88 has two built in tuners.  These are fully supported by the MZC-88 driver.  This allows you to search up and down the frequency bands and display these on the Control4 UIs.  Please note that RDS information is not supplied by the MZC-88.

Discreet volume control available on Control4 UIs
The MZC's support discreet volume control.  On Control4 touch panels your customer will be able to use the volume slider to set an absolute volume level.  You can also set an exact volume level in dealer programming.

Ideal for system upgrades
If you have a customer with an existing Speakercraft system they no longer have to replace it in its entirety for them to enjoy an upgrade to Control4


This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd.  It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Speakercraft.  Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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  • Reliable serial control via RSA-1.0 accessory (not supplied).
  • Standard program upload to MZC - needs little or no alteration between projects.
  • Can use Speakercraft Keypads or MODE keypads if required.
  • Supports dual tuners on MZC-88.
  • Discreet volume control available on Control4 UIs.
  • Ideal for system upgrades.
  • Also controls the Proficient M6