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Temperature - v 1

Optional add on App for our Z-Wave suite of drivers.  This App provides an on-screen interface for any Z-Wave temperature sensor.  It displays the current temperature along with the recorded maximum and minimum values.

The App also allows the user to adjust the high and low temperature warning levels.  The Dealer can use these warning events in custom programming for any relevant action. The user interface background when the current temperature exceeds the warning levels.

Like all 4Store apps the Temperature app will run on the Control4 flash enabled interfaces such as the On Screen Display or native touch panels.  It does not work with the Control4 iOS or Android apps.

You need to install the Extra Vegetables Z-Wave driver in the project before purchasing the app from one of the interfaces in the project.

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  • Works with any Z-Wave Temperature Sensor.
  • Provides on screen interface for monitoring and control.
  • Easy install when EV Z-Wave driver is configured.
  • Direct purchase from 4Store.
  • Displays Celcius or Farhenheit values.
  • App icon is shows current temperature.