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Texecom Premier & Premier Elite - v 8.0.0

Texecom is a UK based security company that produce an award winning range of security panels.  This driver is for their Premier and Premier Elite range of panels and supports the 24, 48, 88 and 168 systems.

These are fully professional and compliant panels that are the default choice of many security installation companies.

The Control4 integration is either Serial via the PC-Com accessory or IP via the IP-Com accessory.  These accessories need to be attached inside the panel during commissioning. 

Please see the Spec tab for important details.

Supported manufacturer models

Premier and Premier Elite range of panels and supports the 24, 48, 88 and 168 systems.

Premier Elite systems require firmware 2.04 or higher.

PC-Com or IP-Com board must be fitted and configured.

Supported Control4 operating systems

Compatible with Control4 OS 2.2 and above ONLY

Control4 Processor Requirements

HC250 can be used on smaller systems.  Please check Control4's recommended processor requirements for your specific project.

Other Requirements

The physical integration requires the Texecom PC-Com interface to be fitted to the system.  This needs to be connected INSIDE the main security panel which then provides an RS-232 serial connection to the Control4 system.  If you are not installing the security panel yourself then you will need the co-operation of the security firm to perform the integration.  

The PC-Com interface must be connected to COM-1 inside the security panel. Details of the PC-Com are on the Texecom website here

Some elements of the driver such as determining which area is in alarm are performed by interpreting what is being displayed on the alarm panels.  It currently requires that the panel report the default English expressions in order for the integration to work. 


Only the status of Area A is directly reported on the Control4 panels – this is usually the main area of the installation.
Trouble condition reporting is limited.


  • Set and unset the system via Control4 panels and remote apps
  • Area Support (The status of Area A is shown on the panels but other areas are accessible through programming)
  • Zone sensors available as contacts inputs in Control4.
  • Full keypad emulation
  • Some trouble and warning message events
  • Switch panel ‘PC’ inputs from Control4.
  • Send SMS messages to any mobile phone if SMS module installed. 



This driver is an independent commercial release by Extra Vegetables Ltd.  It is not authorized or supported either by Control4 or Texecom.  Extra Vegetables fully support the driver through its authorized dealer network.

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  • Provides virtual security keypad
  • Allows access to alarm sensor state
  • Logs events and alarms
  • Optional SMS interface supported
  • Serial via PC-Com
  • IP via IP-Com